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Meet Monisha Mitchell

Monisha Mitchell is a lifelong Hoosier. She grew up on the Northside of Indianapolis. She first fell in love with Zionsville taking equestrian lessons in Zionsville's beautiful rural area. It is part of what drew her to call Zionsville her home. 

Monisha is a small business owner in Zionsville and a member of the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce. Prior to starting her own business, Monisha worked for a Fortune 500 company. Monisha served in administrative and executive leadership roles managing over 100 staff. She has worked for several non-profits. Her work has included writing a successful grant providing funding for a group home for children. She has led innovative and award-winning healthcare initiatives.


Monisha attended Indiana University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a graduate certificate in Public Management from the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She received her Masters degree in social work and has a License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW). Monisha has 18 years experience as a mental health therapist. She specializes in trauma and mood disorders. She also serves as a consultant in diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Monisha Mitchell Zionsville Town Council District 3

Monisha believes that service is at the heart of every good leader. Monisha's father, an immigrant from Bangladesh, encouraged her to volunteer for a year before taking a job. Service remains a cornerstone for Monisha. She has been a foster parent. She served at Wheeler Mission, creating a weekly vacation bible study program. She served as co-chair of the charity committee of the Zionsville Mom's Group, a local nonprofit that supports local children, mothers, and families by creating opportunities to serve, play, and grow together. Monisha was a writer for Indianapolis Moms Blog and enjoys using her platform to advocate for those who feel they do not have a voice and sharing her unique perspective with others.

Monisha serves on the following boards and committees in Zionsville: the Zionsville Police Department Use of Force Board, the Pedestrian Mobility Advisory Committee, and the Hussey Mayfield Library Foundation Board. 


As a consultant, Monisha worked with a bi-partisan group of community leaders to develop the Zionsville Alliance for Mental Wellness. She is committed to issues of health and wellness, mental health, and healthcare equity. Since being diagnosed with a rare congenital heart condition in 2019, she advocates for heart health and healthcare equity. In 2021, she fundraised for the Adult Congenital Heart Association. In 2023, the American Heart Association named Monisha a Woman of Impact Nominee as part of their Go Red for Women national campaign.

Monisha has been a proud resident of Zionsville for 6 years. She lives with her son Braxton, age 7, and close to her adult children, Camryn and Tim. Her family attends Traders Point Christian Church. She enjoys working, shopping, serving, and playing in Zionsville. 

Fresh Leadership


Monisha knows how to listen. Every day in her professional career, Monisha's primary responsibility as a Therapist is to respectfully and non-judgmentally make space for other's thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Monisha will listen to experts and consultants, and she will listen to the hard-working town employees, she will listen to fellow Town Council persons and most importantly she will listen to constituents. 

One role of the Town Council is to provide oversight of the administration. Additionally, the Town Council is supposed to be accountable to constituents. Monisha's commitment is to clear, respectful, and concise communication. 

Public Safety

Zionsville is the safest city in Indiana as a result of the dedication of our public safety officers. Monisha has been honored to work with the Zionsville Police Department for the last several years on the Use of Force Board and has been impressed with their professionalism and training. Monisha supports Zionsville law enforcement, fire fighters, and town employees, and will continue to do so while serving on Town Council. Her support will include voting for budgets that ensure their safety and ability to run their departments by supplying the resources they need. She will also work toward budgets that compensate them fairly. She believes that if you work in Zionsville you should be able to afford to live in Zionsville, especially those public servants that keep our town safe and running. 

Mindful Development

Monisha believes in mindful, sustainable, economic development. Monisha believes in maintaining the small town feel while generating revenue for a big community. It is possible to thrive financially and preserve and protect the quaint village as well as the beautiful farmland and rural areas of the community that we all enjoy. We have an opportunity to preserve the way of life of rural communities. We also have an opportunity to engage in partnerships with corporations, non-profits, and other municipalities measured economic growth.

Community Amenities

Monisha will foster financial support of town amenities on par with community expectations. Zionsville residents enjoy a wide array of amenities. Our skilled and talented town employees have worked diligently within their respective budgets to provide the amenities we all enjoy.

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District 3 Map

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